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4 things to keep in mind about fireworks this Fourth of July


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution last week reported on the plight of 52-year-old Fulton County resident Linda Ford and what the paper described as an “outlandish” fine that had been imposed by Grantville Municipal Court Judge Lisa R. Reeves. The woman repeatedly tried to pay the fine at once, but she just missed a deadline… To understand how the case unfolded, let’s roll back to the last fall, when Ms. Ford’s troubles began.

It was then, when on an unfortunate occasion she’s been driving past the local police department building, as the Grantville, TX police officer pulled her over and accused of missing a plate.

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Mr.Williamson was born in one of Detroit’s poorest blocks, all before pursuing his successful managerial career in the future. For him, the breakthrough happened when he was able to get on Harvard University’s Law School list. After graduating from there, he was working for a few years for a number of multi-million dollar corporations, climbing up the corporate ladder and...

Adam Smith

It doesn’t get any more difficult to divorce and split the property than in the Bear state…

Adam Smith

Believe me, as a divorce lawyer in Alabama I strongly disagree!


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