How to Get a Business License
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How to Get a Business License

How to Get a  Business License

November 01, 2008

By Attorney Elias Stassinos

What is a Business License?

Many clients ask me whether the trademark or corporation filing takes care of the business license requirement.   By the way, a business license is simply a business tax registration certificate issued by the state, county or city in which the business in question is located.   You are legally required to obtain it if you are starting any type of business. 

Who Needs A Business License?

This is true regardless of whether you are a doctor, lawyer, baker or candlestick maker.  Even if your business is an online internet business, a home based business, a handy man business or an outdoor vendor business - You are required to obtain a business license.  And to end all arguments, even if you are am attorney and you have a state license to practice law, you are still required to obtain a local government business license.

Why Do You Need A Business License?

First, lets examine why the state wants you to have a Business license.  The states, counties or other governing agencies want to be sure that anyone starting a business obtains a business license and pays his or her local tax to the government.  Furthermore, local governments want to ensure public safety and prevention of fraud.  Thus, they perform inspections and obtain all your personal information to protect the public from unscrupulous and fraudulent persons.

As an attorney, I have set up quite a few small businesses.   On several occasions we have helped client's obtain a Business license.  We have been using a professional and inexpensive service to help us  obtain business licenses for our clients.  When the license is issued, it looks like any permit with a business number that permits the business to start business operations. Note that many states required you to obtain a  federal tax ID, or a Wholesale or Retail License as well as a business license.   In fact, depending on the city, county or state you are conducting business, these requirements are set out in the business license application form.

How to Get A Business License

You could get your business license yourself if you knew where to file it or  what government agency issues a business license for your particular type of business.  However, to save time it is a good idea to use a service to do it for you.  Even though we cannot guarantee worked performed by other services, we recommend using this site to get your Business license.  They have helped us in the past to get our Business license within reasonable  time for a reasonable service fee.   However, note that we cannot guarantee the results of parties we recommend you to obtain your business license or any other document that we don't directly work to obtain for you.  

  • All legal articles in this site are general and informative.  The articles or any other information on this site is not legal advice nor is any information warranted or guaranteed.   Laws change over time and in different localities and jurisdictions laws may be different from any laws mentioned on this site.  It is advisable that you consult a  attorney and or an accountant in the area where your business will be located.

  • Elias Stassinos, Esquire  is a trademark and incorporation attorney that has helped thousands of  small business owners and entrepreneurs launch their first business enterprise.  He's also an entrepreneur who operates several successful businesses not related to his law practice. 

Copyright E. Stassinos, Esq. 2005. All Rights Reserved.


Copyright E. Stassinos, Esq. 2005. All Rights Reserved.

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