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DBA Questions & Answers


  •  I am planning to start my own Computer Consultancy in Texas. I know that I need a Business Name and Tax ID since I don't want to use my SSN. Not sure i need a Fed Tax ID or State Tax ID or both. Also do i need a business license? I am thinking to operate from my home. Please let me know the requirements and fees


  • If you don't have employees, you don't need a state tax id EIN, but you do need a federal tax id to use instead of your social security number.  You also need a business license and a dba.   We can help you set up your business here.  However, if you cannot afford an attorney, we suggest you use a less expensive legal service:

    • By the way, our office currently does not file DBAs.  Even though we cannot guarantee worked performed by other services, we recommend using another service. There are several service companies you can use for DBA filing.  For example, Click here for an inexpensive and professional service.  However, keep in mind that neither our attorneys, nor our law office is responsible for services not rendered by our law office.


  • Elias Stassinos, Esquire  is a trademark and incorporation attorney that has helped thousands of  small business owners and entrepreneurs launch their first business enterprise.  He's also an entrepreneur who operates several successful businesses not related to his law practice. 

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